10 Best Debit Cards for Kids

My husband and I take our role as parents very seriously, and we’re especially interested in providing a solid financial education to our six children. One thing to consider in this financial education is providing debit cards for kids. Even if your children are younger, …

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Is a Home Warranty Worth the Cost as a Homeowner?

home warranty

The home warranty industry in the United States began in the 1970s for those looking to buy a home. At that point, the real estate sector experienced substantial growth, and a variety of home insurance companies started offering contracts of coverage for home systems and …

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Homey Review: How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores

The word chore might as well be a four letter word because when mentioned to a child it often brings the same type of reaction as some of those other infamous words. Gasp!

As a parent of three kids I’m all too familiar with the daily battle parent’s face when trying to teach their kid’s responsibility through chores, and let’s face it having kids on board with chores gives us parent’s a little help along the way too.

Well let me introduce you to an app called Homey that might just help give you the edge you need to conquer the challenge once and for all.

Homey is a free chore management app for the whole family available on iOS and android. Homey synchronizes task across devices and sends updates and notifications about chores to do in your home to you and your family members.

You can organize tasks by taking pictures of the mess and assigning the work to individual family members. Homey gives all the members of your family a visual overview of things getting done in your home and a simple way to divide, track and finish off tasks.

Sounds simple right? It is.

homey logo

Download the Homey app – it’s FREE. Get the Homey app on Google Play or in the Apple App Store.

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The Cost of Owning a Dog

We are pet people plain and simple. My wife and I grew up always owning pets, mainly dogs. We have owned several different types of pets over the years, including birds, fish (fresh and saltwater) rats, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs.

Shortly after we were married and moved into our house, we got our first dog together. She was a yellow Labrador. We had her for thirteen years. She was a great family pet, but as her health began to deteriorate, we knew it was time to let her go.

We were without a pet for a period of six months. During that time our house and family felt like something was missing. We knew we wanted to add a new dog to our family. In January of 2014, we did just that. Mushu joined our family. He has been such a great addition.

The rats and guinea pigs were choices our children made when they were younger.  We were on board with them having the pets as long as the feed, cleaned and took care of them. All three children did a great job caring for their pets, diligently cleaning their cages each week and making sure each had food and water.

At one time in my youth, I cared for four dogs and three cats. It’s a great lesson in responsibility to care for an animal. Since Mushu has been our only pet for the last three years, I wanted to share with you the cost of owning a dog.

smiling dog

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11 Best Prepaid Cards for Teens

Let’s be honest…the days of the piggy bank are long gone, especially for teens. I seriously doubt cash will ever go completely away, but so much of our money is now exchanged digitally, whether it’s being deposited into our accounts, used for paying bills online, …

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Money Management 101


It’s an unfortunate fact that money management skills are not taught in many of our school systems today. In fact, only 17 of 50 States require a personal finance curriculum. It’s no wonder what some many people carry debt.  They simply just don’t know any …

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The Cost of Seniors

No, I’m not talking about those seniors aged sixty-five or over. Although without a proper health care or long-term care plan that could be expensive too. I’m talking about high school seniors, which our family happens to have two of.

My seventeen-year-old twin son and daughter’s high school days are numbers. We are certainly on the back nine of their high school careers, with roughly sixteen weeks to go, but still have many major decisions, and costs ahead of us.

I’m glad to see that Senioritis hasn’t set in quite yet, but with springtime and longer days closing in we will do our best to the kids focused over the remaining weeks of the high school careers.

It’s something I’ve always preached to them over the years, sure it might sound a bit cliché, or maybe even like the old coach, but I’ve reminded them about giving their best effort, and finishing strong. You just never know who’s watching.

seniors throwing caps

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