21 Easy Ways to Make Money Fast

person holding money

Do you need cash and need it quickly? If so, here is a list of legit ways to make money fast. You might not realize it, but you’ve got several options for getting money quickly right at your fingertips. Whether it’s by using apps that …

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16 Easy Ways to Make $1,000 Quickly

person holding dollars in their hand

Sometimes you need to have cash and have it now. But if you need to make $1,000 quickly? According to this survey by Gobanking Rates, 69% of people don’t have $1,000 in their bank accounts, so your not alone. Fortunately, you’ve got a lot of …

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Mistplay Review: Is This App Legit?

Have you heard of Mistplay? In this Mistplay review, we’ll share details about the app so you can decide if it’s worth it for you to download. Many gaming apps claim they are the best, and Mistplay is no exception. But is Mistplay legit? Can …

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10 Ways To Make Money Online With PayPal

person making money on laptop

It’s always nice to pull up your PayPal account and see a few hundred dollars in the Available Balance box. Luckily, there are several very simple ways to make money online with PayPal. How to Make Money With Paypal The different options for making money …

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21 Best Apps To Sell Your Stuff

The best apps to sell your stuff have to have a few important features. They have to be user friendly. They have to be well viewed. And most of all, they have to help you sell your stuff quickly. We’re going to share about some …

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35 Ways To Make Money In College

If you’re a student of higher education, I’m guessing you wouldn’t mind looking for ways to make money while you’re in college. College is expensive. Between tuition, fees, books, living expenses, and a host of other miscellaneous expenses, going to college will definitely make a …

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5 Tips for Maximizing Your Net Income

net income

Do you need a bump in your net income? Working hard and working smart are not necessarily the same things. Indeed, the sad reality is that thousands of hard-working Americans struggle to pay off debt, not because of a lack of effort or endeavor, but …

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Has Your Blog Jumped the Shark?

Are you familiar with the phrase “jumped the shark” or “jumping the shark”?  That original television moment occurred in 1977, and during the mid-1980s the term was coined to refer to something that is believed to be past its peak in quality or relevance on …

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EvoShare Review: Earn Cash for Retirement or Student Debt

Have you ever heard of EvoShare? No? Well I hadn’t heard of them either until recently. What they do is such a game changer that I think you might be interested in what they have to offer. Concerned about retirement savings or student debt?

Well, EvoShare is a company that enables you to save for your retirement or reduce your student debt by simply doing something you’re probably doing on a regular basis, shopping. EvoShare service allows you to use a portion of what you spend to be either placed into your retirement account, or pay off a student loan, all while still earning the same rewards you do today.

Even if you don’t have a retirement account set up today, EvoShare will hold on to your cash-back until you set one up.

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Money Making Tips to Offset Your Home Mortgage

It’s a great feeling to own your own home, but every now and then, unexpected home expenses pop up—whether your AC goes out in the middle of the summer, or your plumbing needs to be upgraded—can be majorly stressful. We believe that a  great way to prepare for unexpected financial setbacks is to establish an additional source of income.

You don’t have to take on a second job, either. There are plenty of ways to make extra cash without disrupting your normal routine, and some of them don’t even involve leaving home!


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