Are Student Credit Cards a Good Idea?

student credit cards

Graduating from high school to college is a significant achievement for many students. But with it comes a time to try out many things for the first time, one of them being the use of credit cards. Perhaps you have seen banks and financial institutions …

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Emergency Funds the Pacifier for Unpredictable Events


The last few weeks have been unpredictable. It seems like things are changing daily. Businesses are temporary closing, employees are out of work, and supplies are in demand. These unpredictable events due to COVID19 have escalated quickly, and are affecting the entire world. In the …

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How to Spring Clean Up Your Finances

spring clean up

Are you ready for a spring clean up? With springtime in full effect, you’re likely itching to dust and declutter your living space for a fresh start to the season. In addition to organizing and cleaning out your home, you should also apply this energy …

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Songs About Money We Love

songs about money

Do you have any songs about money stuck in your head? Music can be very inspirational and motivating for many different reasons. I listen to most genres of music, rock and roll, pop, rap, and punk often to relax or calm my mind from the …

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Why You Need to Budget During the Holidays

you need to budget

Generally, budgeting is not everyone’s favorite word or activity, especially during the holidays. But if there were one time you need to budget, it would be during the holiday season. You need to budget for several reasons, but the most glaring is the impulse factor, …

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Upstart: More Than Your Credit Score

credit score

You are more than your credit score – I believe we can all agree with that. However, it seems like many people have a love/hate relationship with their credit score. Dare I call it an obsession? In many of my coaching sessions to help others …

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FinCon Wrap-Up – Money Nerds Unite


If you’re unfamiliar with FinCon, it’s a personal finance conference that started in 2011 and is hosted in a different city each year. FinCon 2019 marks my third time attending this four-day event. Each year has had a different feel. My first FinCon was in …

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