Term Life Insurance Defined: The Why, How and Who

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Disclosure: This post was made in a paid partnership with Bestow. Neither Bestow, nor North American Company for Life and Health Insurance were involved in the preparation of the information in this article. The opinions and ideas expressed in the article are those of the …

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10 Best Cable Alternatives To Save You Money

cable alternatives

Are you looking for some cable alternatives to save money? Cable and satellite TV packages can be very expensive, even more so if you want to access live sports and movies. This can put a significant strain on your finances, especially when you’re trying to …

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How a Spouse Who Still Works Can Affect Your Retirement

Even if you’re opposites in many ways, the beliefs, values, and activities you share in common with your spouse probably help your marriage work. Retirement can throw this balance off if one of you continues working.

When one spouse heads off to work as the other stays home, resentment, financial worries, and disputes about how to spend your time can boil over. Here’s how a marital retirement mismatch can affect your relationship—and what to do about it.


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Webull Review: Investing Power in Your Pocket


Webull believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity to control their financial future, and with their app, you can do just that. Let’s dig into our Webull review. What is Webull? It’s an iOS and Android online stock trading app that incorporates a ton …

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Steps for Preparing your Children for Adulthood

As a parent of three teenagers it’s clear to me that more than ever before that there are gaps in their formal education and to ensure that they have a strong foundation to be prepared for college, careers and life in general my wife and …

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How to Make 75 Grand a Year Without a College Degree


Do you believe making 75 grand a year could make you happy? Well, consider data of earnings and life satisfaction analyzed by Psychologists from Purdue University and the University of Virginia of 1.7 million people in 164 countries, found that the ideal income for individuals is $95,000 …

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Pay It Forward Now With A Random Act Of Kindness

pay it forward

Did you know that Pay It Forward Day is a worldwide celebration of kindness that takes place every year on April 28th? The event is not associated with any organization or foundation and free to participate in, Pay It Forward Day exists to encourage people …

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How Long Will My Money Last In Retirement?

how long will my money last

Have you ever asked yourself how long will my money last? If you’ve come to the conclusion that Social Security alone will not provide you with the retirement you’re looking for. You need to take action. You might be want to retire by age 40, …

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Your Student Loan Debt Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

student loan debt

While the national economy appears to be improving, millions of Americans are still tied down with massive debt loads. For example, total student loan debt has climbed to $1.5 trillion with 44 million borrowers overall. Unfortunately, outstanding debt prevents people from starting a business, getting …

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Fanatic – What Are You Passionate About?


Do you consider yourself a fanatic? I’m a sports fan. My favorite sports leagues are the NFL, NHL, and major league baseball. I was listening to sports talk radio in preparation for the NFL draft. I used to listen to sports talk often, but over …

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