35 Ways To Make Money In College

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If you’re a student of higher education, I’m guessing you wouldn’t mind looking for ways to make money while you’re in college. College is expensive.

Between tuition, fees, books, living expenses, and a host of other miscellaneous expenses, going to college will definitely make a dent in your savings account. 

In order to help you make that dent a little (or a lot) smaller, we’re sharing ideas for making money while you’re working toward that degree. 

Ways To Make Money Online In College

You can earn cash while you’re in college via a variety of online avenues. If you like the idea of earning money while hanging out on the net, check out these options.  

1. Social Media Manager

Potential earnings: $25 per hour

Do you have a large number of followers on your social media accounts? Do your posts gather a lot of feedback? 

If so, you could earn money by working as a social media manager. Businesses and bloggers hire social media managers to use social media to help grow their businesses.

As a social media manager, you’d have two main job responsibilities. One would be to help businesses connect with their followers.

The other would be to help gain more followers on social media accounts. And all you’d need for experience would be a good working knowledge of social media venues and a gift for connecting with people.  

2. Take Surveys 

Potential earnings: $0.25 to $3 per survey

Taking surveys in college won’t make you rich. However, it could earn you some walking around cash in your spare time. 

Companies such as Survey Junkie will pay you to answer questions about products, services, and your general opinion. Surveys can take anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour.

You earn cash for each completed survey, and can cash out when you reach a certain minimum threshold. 

3. Sell Textbooks

Potential earnings: Varies

Ever wonder what you should do with your textbooks after you finish each class? Why not sell them and earn back some of the cash you spent purchasing them? 

You can sell your used textbooks online at a site such as Bookscouter or via your college campus bulletin board. You might even be able to sell the books back to your college bookstore.

Or you could try a site such as Decluttr. Not only does Decluttr let you sell DVDs online, you can sell electronics, and yes, textbooks. 

They’ll pay you in PayPal cash as soon as they receive and verify your shipment.

4. Short Online Jobs 

Potential earnings: $5 per job or more

Sites like Fiverr advertise a variety of short-term jobs in a range of price points. Or, you can advertise your own services. 

You might advertise that you’ll write a short, personalized poem for $5. Or that you’ll sing a love song. Other work you could advertise for hire on Fiverr includes:

  • Creating logos
  • Short graphic design jobs
  • Pet or human sketches
  • Product photography

Or more. You choose the price for your services; just be sure it’s competitive compared to similar jobs on the site. 

5. GPT Sites 

Potential earnings: Varies

Another way to earn money online in college is to use GPT (get-paid-to) sites. For instance, sites such as Swagbucks will pay you to:

And other tasks.Each task varies in pay. Shopping online will earn you the biggest bang for your buck. Just remember though; when you’re shopping, you’re also spending. 

So only buy things you’d get anyway. As with taking surveys, using GPT sites won’t make you rich. But it can be a good way to earn cash in your spare time. 

6. Transcription

Potential earnings: $10 per hour or more

As a transcriptionist, you’ll be transferring audio conversations into a data entry program. Companies such as GMR Transcription will send you the audio conversations.

You will use your computer to relay the conversation in a text format. Some transcription companies require experience to start, others do not. 

You’ll typically be paid by the minute, so speed and accuracy can increase your earnings potential. 

7. Data Entry

Potential earnings: $7 per hour or more

Data entry work is similar to transcription work. The difference is that you’re typically not entering audio conversations. 

Instead, you’ll enter other information into specified computer programs. Companies such as Capital Typing will have you entering market research data, direct mail marketing data, and more. 

As with transcription, your typing speed and accuracy will help you earn more in this field. 

8. Start A Blog

Potential earnings: varies

If you have something to say, why not make a living by starting a blog? Blog owners can earn cash by advertising on their blog, by sharing affiliate links for products, and more. 

The key to success in blog ownership is to create great, usable content, and to market that content correctly. 

Make Money With Your Skills In College

Here are some options for taking skills you’ve honed and using them to earn some cash while you’re in college. 

9. Resume Writer

Potential earnings: $50 or more per resume

If you’ve got great writing skills, how about helping your fellow college students by writing their resumes for them? 

You’ll send them off to the working world with a stellar resume, and earn some decent cash in the process. You decide what you’ll charge for each resume. 

10. Freelance Writer

Another job for those with great writing skills is to work as a freelance writer. Although I’m probably a little biased, I think freelance writing is one of many great side hustles. 

You choose your hours, writing topic, and your rate of pay. Search online for jobs. 

11. Graphic Design

Potential earnings: varies based on product sales

Are you good at graphic design? How about creating fun sayings or designs and selling them on t-shirts or other items. 

With sites like CafePress or Redbubble, you simply upload your great design and market it. They take care of manufacturing, shipping, and customer service. 

When an item with your design sells, they’ll send your share of the money to you via PayPal. 

12. Website Design

Potential earnings: $100 or more per job

Another job for those with the right skills is that of website designer. 

If you know a bit about blog content management systems such as WordPress, and have some graphic design skills, this could be a great gig for you. 

Advertise your services on sites such as Upwork. 

13. Create An Online Course

Potential earnings: varies based on the course and course sales

Do you have a skill you can share with others? How about creating an online course and publishing it on a site such as Teachable? 

You could teach others how to master skills you’ve already mastered. Maybe you could teach them how to excel in a sport you know well. Or teach them keys to great note-taking. 

14. Sell Stock Photos

Potential earnings: varies based on sales

Are you a great photographer? If so, consider uploading some of your great photos on a site such as iStock photo.  

Every time someone purchases the right to use one of your photos, you get paid a small commission. 

Hint: the photos that sell the best are photos of people participating in real life activities. 

15. Computer Repair

Potential earnings: $25 per hour or more

I have a friend whose son paid for a good portion of his college tuition by setting up and/or repairing computers while in college. 

Nearly everyone has a computer, however, few computer owners have the capability to repair those computers.

If you have the knowledge and skills to do so, why not put them to good use and earn some cash in the process?

16. Sell Crafts On Etsy

Potential earnings: varies based on sales

Are you a crafty person? How about creating crafts and selling them on a site such as Etsy? 

For those not gifted in the art of craft making, Etsy also lets people sell vintage items and craft supplies. 

17. Create An App

Potential earnings: Lots!

Do you have computer programming skills and a great idea for an app? Get to work creating it and selling it at app stores!!

Many people have supplemented–and even replaced–their income by creating an app that users fall in love with. 

Make Money In Your Community In College

There are also many ways to make money in college right in your community. Here are some ideas you can consider. 

18. Sell Your Notes

Potential earnings: Up to $500 per course

Are you a great note taker? Websites such as StudySoup will buy your course notes for up to $500 per course. 

You can sell notes from specific courses, or from specialized testing such as the LSAT or MCAT.

And you can help other college students get better grades while making money. Share your note-taking expertise with others while earning cash in college at the same time. 

19. Sell Scantrons

Potential earnings: Depends based on number of sales

One service all college students need is that of a scantron salesperson. Scantron sheets are usually available at college bookstores.

However, you may be able to buy them online at a wholesaler, and then resell them for less than what the college bookstore is selling scantrons for. 

The Scantron Store is probably the easiest place to get genuine scantron sheets, as opposed to generic sheets. 

20. Barista

Potential earnings: $10 or more

How does the idea of working as a barista in a coffee shop sound? Baristas make a decent hourly wage, and often earn tips as well. 

Check with local coffee houses near you for job openings. 

21. Server

Potential earnings: $15 an hour or more including tips

My very favorite job as a college (well, tech school, technically) student was when I worked as a server at a local bar. 

It was a fun working environment and the money was great. I’d earn a small hourly wage, but every night I’d come home with a pocketful of cash via tips. 

That money allowed me to pay for a lot of needs–and wants–while I worked my way through school. Check local bars and restaurants near you for job openings. 

22. Rideshare Driver

One popular and potentially lucrative job for college students is that of a rideshare driver. College students love having someone drive them around campus.

Or work as the sober driver when they’ve enjoyed a night out on the town. As a rideshare driver you set you own hours and determine which requests you’ll take. 

Drivers earn a pre-set dollar amount per job, and often earn tips as well. 

23. Delivery Driver 

Potential earnings: $12 or more per hour when you include tips

If you have a reliable car (or scooter or bike) and don’t mind running around, you might consider working as a delivery driver. 

You can deliver groceries through Instacart, or deliver restaurant meals through DoorDash or Postmates. This is another job where you can often set your own hours. 

24. Retail Sales

Potential earnings: $10 an hour or more

Working retail sales in your community is a nice, easy way to bring in some cash. And you usually get a store discount when you work retail as well. 

For that reason, you may want to work retail at a store where you shop regularly. For instance, my college-aged daughter works at a local pet store. 

She gets a 50% discount on certain pet food brands, which saves her a lot of money on feeding her cats. She’s earning money and saving money at the same time. 

25. House Sit

Potential earnings: $10 an hour or more, depending on the job 

House sitting is another business that can be great for college students. When you house sit for a client, you usually either stay at the house while the client is gone.

Or you may stop and check on the house at intervals designated by the client. You can advertise your services around the city where you live.

Or you can add your profile to a site such as MindMyHouse. MindMyHouse connects house sitters with those needing house sitting services. 

26. Sell Real Estate

Potential earnings: $1000+ per transaction

If you’re looking for a career while you study for your career, you may want to consider selling real estate. There are many reasons being a real estate agent is convenient for college students. 

The hours are flexible. You can work as much or as little as you want. And although it does take some money to get started in the business, the pay when you sell a house is lucrative. 

Talk to a local real estate agent or broker in your area to learn more about the business. 

Start Your Own Business

How about starting your own business in order to earn some cash in college? Here are some ideas. 

27. Do Tasks

Potential earnings: You decide

Are you good at completing small tasks? Can you fix a leaky sink, rearrange furniture or assemble new furniture? 

You might want to consider working as a handyperson. You could start your own business and set your own hours. 

And you could advertise on a site such as TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit hires “taskers” who set their own hours and choose the jobs they take.

That way you can be sure to get jobs that line up with your skill sets. Best of all, you choose the rate you charge for each job.

28. House Cleaner

Potential earnings: $15 per hour or more

Are you a fast and efficient house cleaner? Why not put those skills to good use? You could advertise your cleaning skills to neighborhood homes. 

Or you could advertise on your college’s bulletin board. It should be easy to find college students in need of having someone help clean their dorm room or rental house. 

Be sure to charge what you’re worth. Some of those college dorm rooms and rentals can get pretty messy. 

29. Nanny

Potential earnings: $10 per hour or more

Do you like caring for children? Consider finding work as a nanny or babysitter. You can advertise your services at college, catering to the many college students with children.

Or you could advertise on a site such as Care.com for nanny jobs close to where you live. 

Bonus tip: Many families seek out elder care too. You may want to add that to the list of jobs you’ll do. 

30. Pet Sitter

Potential earnings: $10 per hour or more

Do you have an affinity for animals? How about working as a pet sitter? Pet sitters care for a variety of pets while pet owners are on vacation or out of town for work. 

You can get labor intensive jobs such as caring for a new puppy while its owner is at work. 

Or you can find easier jobs such as visiting a home twice a day to feed cats while the owner is on vacation.  

Hint: Consider advertising on a site such as Rover. You can advertise a variety of pet services and name your own price. 

31. Lawn Maintenance

Potential earnings: $15 per hour or more

Lawn maintenance is another great business idea for college students. You get to decide what types of lawn maintenance jobs you’ll do:

  • Mowing lawns
  • Shoveling snow
  • Pulling weeds
  • Raking leaves

Or other types of landscaping jobs. Advertise on Craigslist or other local buy/sell sites. Be sure to visit the home and get an idea of the work needed before quoting your price. 

On Campus Jobs

Here are some ways you may be able to earn money right on your college campus. 

32. Campus IT Support

Potential earnings: $15 an hour or more

College campuses have a high need for IT support in general. You may be able to get a job as an IT support assistant on your college campus.

IT support assistants handle minor IT issues as they arise. 

33. Campus Security

Potential earnings: $12 an hour or more

All college campuses need security guards. Check with your school’s HR department to see about campus security openings. 

This could be a good job for you if you like enforcing law, order, and safety. 

34. Teaching Assistant

Potential earnings: $12 per hour or more

College professors often need teaching assistants to help with grading papers and other work. Check with individual professors or your school’s HR department for open positions. 

35. Cafeteria Help

Potential earnings: $12 an hour or more

Campus cafeterias often look for help as they work to serve hungry college students and staff. 

If you think food prep and serving might be up your alley, check with your school’s HR department about cafeteria job openings. 


There are many ways to make money in college. Scour this list and choose options that line up with your talents, your interests, and your skills. 

Combine one of more earning options for maximum earnings potential.

Have you ever worked any of these types of jobs? How did/do you earn money while in college?