EvoShare Review: Earn Cash for Retirement or Student Debt

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Have you ever heard of EvoShare? No? Well I hadn’t heard of them either until recently. What they do is such a game changer that I think you might be interested in what they have to offer. Concerned about retirement savings or student debt?

Well, EvoShare is a company that enables you to save for your retirement or reduce your student debt by simply doing something you’re probably doing on a regular basis, shopping. EvoShare service allows you to use a portion of what you spend to be either placed into your retirement account, or pay off a student loan, all while still earning the same rewards you do today.

Even if you don’t have a retirement account set up today, EvoShare will hold on to your cash-back until you set one up.

EvoShare has partnered with several local businesses in the Bay Area, as well as several online retailers to earn you cash-back ranging from 1-40%. They are also adding new partners all the time.


EvoShare Sign-Up

There sign up is straightforward. Provide some basic personal information like name, e-mail and a password is all you need to get started.


Once signed up you can link cards (credit or debit) that you use to shop at a local stores or restaurants. This is not needed for shopping online. (More on that later) EvoShare does not access your banking information directly, all information is secured and encrypted by Yodlee to ensure your information is protected.

Yodlee is a leading data aggregation and data analytics platform. Their clients include 12 of the 20 largest U.S. banks and 1000s of other companies.

The other added benefit is that EvoShare program do not affect any reward programs you have associated with your card. For example, if you earn cash-back or travel rewards with a credit card, This program is an additional cash-back bonus.


If you happen to have a favorite local brick and mortar location that is not an EvoShare partner you can submit a request for them to join. Simply let EvoShare know the business name, city, and any other optional details, via your dashboard and the EvoShare sales team will contact the businesses and do our best to have them join. If the business successfully joins, they will notify you that you can now earn a particular percentage cash-back at the location.

Earning cash Back Automatically

You don’t need a link cards if you will be only shopping online through Evoshares dashboard. When you click on an online business logo it will direct you to the businesses website where once a day Yodless sends EvoShare information that is needed to verify if a purchase was made at a partnered business.

Once verified that a purchase was made at an EvoShare partner, your earnings will be directed into your retirement account, student debt or EvoShare holdings. Since EvoShare knows all their affiliates, you don’t have to keep track of which businesses you have purchased to get your cash-back, it’s handled automatically.


Linking Retirement or Student Loan Account

Once signed up and you have linked cards associated with your account, or shop online, the next step is to set up where you want your earning to go to. There are currently three options, a retirement link, student loan link, or have the cash-back banked until you are ready to set up one of these two options.


That’s EvoShare in nutshell. An interesting platform to help you save more for retirement or pay off your student loan debt faster all by doing the normal things you do. As online shopping continues to grow each and every day this platform could influence your finances in valuable ways for years to come.

Have you ever heard of EvoShare? Would you consider using this tool in the future? What option would you use the cash-back for, retirement savings or paying off student debt?

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    • Thanks Emily. Cyber security should be top of mind for everyone. If shopping using EvoShare’s dashboard of online merchants you do not need to link cards.

    • Thanks Gary. I think anytime you can increase savings or reduce debt without doing anything to far outside of your normal routine is a good thing.

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